How does a distributor of building-technology systems morph into a strong manufacturing brand?

Especially when faced with competitors such as Gira, Jung or Busch-Jäger. We pioneered a route that took ESYLUX from underdog to top dog.


ESYLUX, a distributor of motion, presence and smoke detectors as well as various lighting brands, wanted more. More self-reliance, more brand awareness and, above all, a portfolio that was exclusively made up of ESYLUX products. To help achieve this goal, we focussed on research and development and came up with a suitable brand story.


The solution was simple yet ambitious. Informed by the slogan "Performance for Simplicity", ESYLUX was to create appeal by offering technology fused with simplicity. Going beyond communications alone, the new ESYLUX slogan was to impact the companies thinking, activities and business sectors. 


By pursuing the simplicity theme, we not only developed a sustainable brand concept but also gave ESYLUX employees a common identity and vision across Europe. The resonance and impact of the new branding were overwhelming, both internally and externally. Consequently, it has never been this easy for the sales team to communicate ESYLUX’s benefits to customers.


“Less is more. And easier than ever. ESYLUX”. This maxim drove ESYLUX advertising and neatly summarised the benefits of the client’s technical solutions.



Using a customer database structure, zuk. developed the content and screen design for the new ESYLUX website.


Trade fair

The new branding debuted at the Light + Building trade fair with an eye-catching stand. Modern, modular and positioned exactly where no one expected it – amongst the industry giants.

Printed material

The power of simplicity also informed the new print concept. This was defined by clear and simple wording, parred down design and a strict division between visual imagery, products and industry solutions.



The catalogue provides the first point of reference for designers, installers and wholesalers. zuk. reworked it completely.

"We are a very dynamic company and need partners to help us get ahead. zuk. has clearly succeeded in doing this. The agency has virtually reinvented the ESYLUX brand. Even on a day-to-day basis, it has repeatedly surprised us with really good ideas. Not to mention our new stand for the Light + Building trade fair."
MAREKS PETERS, Managing Director, ESYLUX


Sales promotion activities developed by zuk. are essential to the three-stage sales process.


3D illustrations


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