B2B product launch campaign

"Pushing the limits!" with a new generation of marine separators

GEA Marine-Systems was launching an innovative new product that revolutionizes on board maintenance procedures from the ground up. As an experienced agency for products in need of explanation, we created a strong attention-grabbing slogan and followed up with an action-packed video featuring legendary big-wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner – someone who is always pushing the limits. The idea was well received – and after the attention phase, zuk. delivered the hard facts to match.

The courage to try something new is rewarded

In the launch video for GEA Marine Separators, we combine captivating surf scenes by Sebastian Steudtner with animated 3-D product renderings by zuk, which explain the function and advantages of the new product. An emotional novelty in the highly technical industry that runs through the entire campaign. And it is well received.

zuk. services for the B2B campaign GEA marine separators

Landing page

All the additional promotional information and technical content was presented on a campaign landing page that is anchored to the existing website. zuk .developed all the content, prepared it for the internet, designed and programed the page and ran a visitor analysis.

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B2B brochures

These test our knowledge of the product. To create them, we delved deep into the subject matter and showcased everything that the new GEA Marine separators have to offer. Clearly structured, they contain all the important sales arguments, vivid 3D renderings and open with the campaign testimonial.

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3-D visualisations

Based on design data from R&D, we construct and animate vivid and attractive product visuals for use in digital, moving image and print. And make sales arguments visible that a photo could not show.

Social Media

We use the extensive material created within the framework of the campaign - content, video, images, 3D visualisations - for accompanying social media campaigns with diverse posts.

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Ad concept

In the look of the campaign, zuk. conceives an advertisement for placement in international trade magazines. The emotional shots with Sebastian Steudtner also ensure the greatest possible conspicuousness in a purely technical environment.

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