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Detect leaks in record time? That’s exactly what our client’s new product does!  INFICON, the market leader in leak testing for a range of industries including semiconductors, dramatically reduces downtimes for leak testing large vacuum systems. No other device in the world can keep up! In short, leak detection becomes a record-time pit stop.

Races are won in the pit lane. That’s why our campaign key visual links the leak detection process with Formula 1 pit stops and emotionally underlines the process’ unrivalled speed. From the campaign microsite through the product video to the detailed product brochure, a sense of speed is palpable throughout the campaign. Likewise, the leak tester’s main benefit is recognized at first sight and not obscured by its technical nature. For our client this translates to pole position in an industry that normally relies on conventional communication strategies. 

A special highlight: If you want to convey a sense of speed, there is no alternative to a product video. However, more than just an emotive treatment of Formula 1, our video also puts the focus on the product using skillful animation. It’s speed, functionality, and technological advantage in a nutshell.

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"The UL6000 Fab is the fastest leak tester for vacuum applications that we have ever developed. The campaign by zuk. manages to underline this impressively on an emotional level!"
Markus Schwambera, INFICON

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