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"Connecting Minds" - convincing communications for successful networking

A leading supplier of innovative systems for cooling and heating buildings, Mitsubishi Electric Living Environment Systems was looking for a catchy name, and an agency that could breathe creative life into it, not to mention take care of all the communication surrounding a new event concept. This was a series of new exclusive inhouse networking events to be held at five unusual locations throughout Germany, to which premium customers from target groups comprising planners and architects, operators and specialist tradesmen were invited. From invitations to follow-up, zuk. did it all. 

Name finding and the key visual

"Connecting Minds" was chosen from numerous creative suggestions for the new event series because it precisely sums up what is important for Mitsubishi Electric – providing specialist tradesmen, planners, investors and operators with a dialogue and networking forum. The key visual developed for this purpose visually implements the idea and runs through the entire event communication.

Invitation mailings

Using attention-grabbing print mailing that lands on the desk instead of in the wastepaper basket and coordinated emails linked to a registration tool, zuk. reached the target groups – and achieved over 700 registrations for the event.

Brand in the room

Each of the five exclusive "Connecting Minds" events took place at a special location with an industrial atmosphere. Hosted by the well-known German comedian and presenter Vince Ebert, they provide insights into industry trends as well as an inspiring setting for cross-industry exchange. zuk. designed all the décor, including the animations and videos. This is transported from venue to venue to provide a strong setting in which the guests feel comfortable.

Staging Case Speeches

The focus of Connecting Minds is not on the products, but on three product-related case studies that are relevant to the invited target groups. zuk. puts key information on the wall and ensures the best possible impact.


The best giveaway is one that the customer is happy about and has a chance to last longer. It worked. With a hip lightbox bearing the new Mitsubishi Electric Living Environment Systems claim unveiled at the event: "Knowledge at work." Who made it? zuk.


For the follow-up mailing, zuk. developed a" Connecting Minds" newspaper that reported on the series of events, recorded impressions and briefly summarised the contents of the talks. This helped to keep the forum top of attendees’ minds and made information accessible to those who were unable to come. This was combined with a covering letter containing a call to action, an associated landing page featuring a photo gallery and video and an additional e-mailing. 

"With Connecting Minds, we opened a completely new chapter in customer communication. It was both an adventure and a challenge. We were all very pleased to see how enthusiastic the participants and our sales team were. zuk. not only convinced us with the 'Connecting Minds' name and communication concept, but also implemented everything professionally and left us with a concept that will influence future communications with our customers beyond the events."
Dror Peled, General Manager Marketing Living Environment Systems

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