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The times are changing – certainly on the labour market. With more than 1.8 million vacancies in Germany, and some of them at NetCologne ITS, the IT specialists from the NetCologne subsidiary wanted to take a different approach to targeting new hires. We achieved this using a largely digital recruiting campaign that specifically addressed potential candidates via online banners in the highly contested market for IT specialists. We also got the timing right. In other words, before people who are subconsciously ready for a new challenge have actively started looking on job portals and similar sites. 

Technically, we achieved this using Programmatic IP targeting, in which online banners are played exclusively to predefined target companies, without the need for cookies or wastage. Taking this direct, modern, and down-to-earth approach provides NetCologne ITS with a strong employer identity and voice within a technology-driven industry. 

The campaign was successfully expanded to include a landing page that featured numerous employee videos, not to mention accompanying measures on LinkedIn and a presence at recruiting fairs. As a result, 90% of the target companies and potential candidates were reached. Compared to other campaigns, CTR was 400% higher and the career page ranked among the top 3 on the ITS website for the first time. Outperforming expectations, the campaign has helped NetCologne ITS continue to grow and also to fill its vacancies.

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"The campaign simply fits us 100% and has not only worked fantastically for the NetCologne ITS employer brand externally, but has also found enormous support internally. Simply: You. Us. Fits!"
Felicia Töller, Senior Marketing Manager NetCologne ITS

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