B2B branding for FANUC Europe factory automation

The European face of the Japanese global leader in factory automation

For a technologically focused company like FANUC, what works in Asia does not necessarily work in Europe. To prevail against top dogs such as KUKA, ABB and Siemens, FANUC Europe needed to build a strong brand image that would drive heightened brand awareness, more leads and higher trust in FANUC solutions. 

Claim and positioning

Led by the slogan "FANUC – the colour of automation" and backed by a strict color scheme, acting as European lead agency zuk. developed a concise brand story that made FANUC synonymous with factory automation. The slogan was underpinned with relevant content and a consistent focus on customer benefits. This focus was sharpened further in a 2016 relaunch using the new slogan "Manufactured Efficiency" – something that resulted from an intensive brand workshop. That is B2B branding at its best.

Corporate Design and Design Manual

FANUC has 26 national companies across Europe. To ensure brand consistency throughout the continent, zuk. developed a new, modular brand image including a CD manual for print and digital applications. The visual brand world is close to the world inhabited by factory automation customers. These include system integrators in the processing industry as well as companies that require automation solutions.

Implementing a modular ad concept – an example

To increase awareness of the FANUC brand in the automation industry, zuk. developed a modular advertising concept that differentiated between brand image, solution, industry, and product ads, and generated a high degree of recognition. zuk also developed numerous modular communication tools for FANUC national companies across Europe to draw on.

"As a multinational corporation, we depend on a lead agency that quickly and precisely understands what we need and handles even the most complex tasks on an international level with aplomb and confidence. In zuk. we have found a creative sparring partner who has given us a new face with his creativity and with great commitment ensures that we speak the same language everywhere in Europe. And on whom we can rely 100 %."
Olaf Gehrels, President and CEO FANUC Europe Corporation, May 2016

Effect proven

Market research analytics prove it: Ten years of investment in branding and brand communication are paying off. In Europe, FANUC is now seen as the continent’s most reliable brand – something that aligns with revenues that grew from 440 million euros in 2006 to over 650 million euros in 2016. The brand relaunch had other payoffs too – most notably in much higher levels of employee identification with the yellow world brand. Yellow made a splash internally too. 

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